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26 August 2011

CAST holds festival to raise awareness of slavery

CAST holds festival to raise awareness of slavery

Using both advocacy and action, CAST aims to raise awareness of the shocking reality of slavery today and effectively combat it. Others are raising the alarm too. Engaging with the community, CAST will hold a Freedom Festival to heighten awareness but also to celebrate victories.

The Freedom Festival 2011 takes place at St James Centre, Muswell Hill, London, on Saturday, 1 October, from 12 noon till 3pm.

Lively and interactive, at timed intervals there will be live music, brief creative presentations, drama and teen fair fashion shows. Other activities include puppet skits, crafts workshops and children/youth activities.

Stalls are geared to be interactive and include:

'Everything Chocolate' accompanying posters will acknowledge slavery in the chocolate industry yet also highlight the victory of major companies agreeing to produce ethically sourced chocolate. This stall will sell everything chocolate that people choose to make. (Some have volunteered to judge a best tasting competition.)

 'Mouse Power' will be inter-active computer use to show how slavery can be opposed through online petitions, commenting on government websites, etc.

"The success of this event depends on voluntary friends," notes spokeswoman Bisi Omiteru. "Please consider an equation. It is a fact that somewhere in the world, every two minutes a child is sold. That means if you or someone you know can help, even in a basic way…with work ranging from admin to crafts and IT support…If anyone can spare just 20 minutes…During that brief 20 minutes of giving practical help to fight slavery, 10 children will be sold. We may not be able to rescue all of them. But together we can make a difference."

People already involved with Leprosy Mission, Traidcraft, Fairtrade, are welcome to join in gratis. For information or to take part, email info@eauk.org or call 020 8883 9600.