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02 October 2015

Girls' Brigade members to receive free New Testament

Girls' Brigade members to receive free New Testament

Girls’ Brigade (GB) England & Wales members will be offered a free New Testament, thanks to The Gideons International.

The two charities have been working together to produce a special Girls’ Brigade-crested New Testament, which will start being distributed this autumn.

Catherine Erbetta, national auxiliary chaplain of The Gideons International in the British Isles, says: “We pray that the Testaments will be a real blessing to the girls of Girls’ Brigade (GB), when they receive them during the autumn, and that all the leaders will be blessed in their service for the Lord.”

The Testaments include a prayer written by GB member Leilani Mildren, aged 16, of Potter Street Baptist GB Team – 1st Harlow.

Her prayer is: “Lord, I thank you for Girls’ Brigade. It’s a home from home, my place of peace, a sanctuary of safety. If I’m down it lifts me up. If I’m upset it calms me down. Lord, I thank you for the leaders, they do your work and channel your words to us, guide us and show us your way.

“Lord, I ask you to bless every member, current, past or yet to join. Help us to find your family and become a member. Help us to seek, serve and follow Christ. In Your name, Amen.”

GB’s media co-coordinator Catherine Burt adds: “It’s so exciting to work with The Gideons International and produce a crested New Testament for our 11 plus members and leaders. We hope everyone who receives one of them will come to know God better as they read His word and strengthen their faith as a result."