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10 June 2015

Girls Brigade sends a prayer wave across world

Girls Brigade sends a prayer wave across world

Today is Girls Brigade's International World Day of Prayer, and each hour is being spent praying for their worldwide specific needs.

GB companies across the globe are joining in the united prayer and praying for and connecting with girls on the other side of the world on this day, 10 June.

The 2015 resources encourage and enable each group to pray for different aspects of the Girls Brigade. Each hour the focus is on a different continent and the needs of each area in particular.

The girls can pray for specific groups and countries and share prayer requests online.

"Prayer is powerful and it is one of the greatest privileges we have as Christians. When we pray, we open the door for God to come into our problems and situations and work on them. Prayer makes us partners with God."

This year's theme is being expectant –to eagerly anticipate girls' lives being transformed by God in our local communities and countries around the world.

Claire adds: "Let's be committed to living out God's mission among the girls and young women we encounter. To do this we need to ask God's Spirit to grow in us an openness to be expectant, courageous and empowering."

The wave resources includes stories of transformation, creative ideas, info bubbles and tips for linking up with other groups online and is linked to Hope for Girls resource and GB's Walkathon.