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28 December 2016

Great Commission: together let’s make Jesus known

It’s more than three months since our new Great Commission evangelism hub was launched, sharing weekly stories, a range of written reflections and more than 150 resources to inspire a passion for evangelism and empower individuals and churches to be talking about Jesus.    

Gavin Calver, our director of mission, has been really excited to see thousands of people engaging with the site. He said: “Seeing people all across the UK come to faith in Jesus is what we’re all about here at the Evangelical Alliance. That’s why we’ve launched Greatcommission.co.uk, to help inspire and equip the body of Christ here in the UK to be talking about Jesus confidently and effectively.  

It’s been brilliant to hear from Christians all across the UK who are being encouraged in evangelism through the new Great Commission hub.   

"School chaplains and youth leaders, church leaders and heads of denominations have all been telling us they’re really excited about the range of stories, reflections and resources they’re finding on the site.”  

People are also taking the opportunity to share Great Commission’s weekly good news stories through social media.  

Hilary Johnston, a charity worker in Kent, said: “I look forward to each week’s new story of someone whose life has been changed by Jesus, and love the way I can easily share these short video stories on my Facebook page.  

“Hearing other Christians talk about how they’re sharing their faith in everyday situations has also inspired me to look out more for opportunities to talk about Jesus with those around me.”  

Ruth Awogbade, founder and editor of MAGNIFY magazine, said: I’m so passionate about creativity and communication, giving people easy tools to grow in their faith and share their faith.   

"The Great Commission site is so beautifully designed and easy to navigate, and has so much content that’s easy to share and I won’t be scared or nervous to share on social media.  

Tim Rowlands, leader of Festival Church in Chester, said: “I love hearing other people’s stories, especially stories of what’s going on here in the UK.   

"Often we take stuff on board from a completely different context, so I’m really excited that Great Commission offers something really contextual, and stories of people really cracking on with the work.”  

Paul Coulter, a lecturer from Belfast Bible College, also appreciates the wide range of resources available on the site: “I love that the website has so many different resources for so many churches in so many different context, at different stages of evangelism.   

"I think leaders are really excited that this sets out a pathway to really help them reach people for Jesus.”  

Visit Greatcommission.co.uk to:  

Watch stories of lives changed by Jesus throughout the UK, and hear about how others are sharing their faith. A new story is available each week to share and freely download, reminding us that God is at work in our land.   

Read reflections that will encourage and stimulate you as you think, dream, pray and plan about what evangelism could look like in your place. These reflections come from Christians across the diversity of the UK Church, sharing the lessons they’ve learnt from their context.  

Find prayer reflections and resources to inspire you in prayerful outreach.  

Be equipped to act through quickly and easily searching the wide range of evangelism tools and resources already out there. More than 150 resources and tools have been categorised according to who you want to reach, what type of activity you’re interested in, or what time of year.   

You can also easily share what you’ve found on the site by creating boards to save the stories, reflections and resources you’d like to show others. You can then give chosen individuals access to view these boards – whether that’s friends, members of your PCC, or your youth team.   

Visit the website today at greatcommission.co.uk and keep up-to-date with the latest content via Facebook and on Twitter.