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21 June 2017

How can you change the world?

The Evangelical Alliance has released a brand new course to help equip Christian to become public leaders. Part of the Alliance's Public Leadership work, Change the World aims to encourage Christians to take on leadership across society.

The four week small group course aims to inspire and resource Christians to be a force for change in the world around them.

Dave Landrum, director of advocacy at the Evangelical Alliance, said: “We have a crisis of leadership in our society and we need Christians to step up and take on leadership in every part of society.

“Changing the world may seem like an impossible task. If we don’t have a high profile role we may think we don’t have the influence or authority necessary to make change.

"But if we understand the places where we are called to lead, and the authority God has given us, we can all play a role in changing the part of the world that we inhabit.”

The course looks at Christians' motivations to bring about change, the authority needed to bring about change and the role of the Church in developing public leaders.

It includes teaching videos from the Alliance’s Northern Ireland director, Peter Lynas, Pastor Celia Apeagyei-Collins, Saltbox chief executive Lloyd Cooke, and business consultant Ruth Walker.

Tracy Cotterall, managing director of LICC and a member of the Alliance’s board, said: “Growing people of influence for today’s complex world is a vital responsibility of the body of Christ.

"These are exciting times to be wrestling with the challenge and this resource will help us all rise to it more wisely.”

Each course comes with a leader's booklet, downloadable videos, and guides for each session. You can get your copy from thepublicleader.com/changetheworld