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27 August 2014

Hundreds of young people find faith at Soul Survivor

Hundreds of young people find faith at Soul Survivor

More than 25,000 young people gathered at Soul Survivor festival events around the country over the summer, with some 1,500 people thought to have given their lives to Christ in the main meetings alone.

For the first time, Soul Survivor ran five events in Stafford, Somerset and Aberdeen –the first ever Soul Survivor Scotland, with almost 600 young people and youth leaders attending.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby was among the attendees of Soul Survivor in Stafford, leading communion and being prayed for by the 4,000 young people.

Mike Pilavachi, who leads Soul Survivor, said: "In our teaching we wanted to focus on relationships because our individualistic society has left many feeling desperately lonely. We talked about all areas of relationship, starting with the most important: friendship with God.

"We were apprehensive about talking on marriage and celibacy to teenagers but wanted to paint a vision of what God intended sex and relationships to be and talk about what to do when things have gone wrong. We were staggered by the response;there was an enthusiasm we never expected. It was heart-breaking to see the brokenness and loneliness that came to the surface for so many.

"We prayed for hundreds who were desperate to be set free from addictions to pornography and who have been trapped in a cycle of self-hatred and self-harm;as well as others who have been feeling suicidal. It was amazing to see Jesus meeting with people and healing them as they committed themselves to him again;our prayer is that this is the generation that restores what God intended family to be."

A number of young people gave testimonies following the events, including 23-year-old Rachel who said: "I came to Momentum with a feeling of isolation and shame. God has freed me and he doesn't care what came before. I was hiding everything but God could see it anyway. Last night God took the shame away so that I can move forward to serve God freely and to accept his pure love. Where there was shame, now there is love."

On 1 September, Soul Survivor is launching a brand new Bible in One Year and New Testament in One Year app. It will feature daily Bible readings and two videos from Mike, Ali, Andy and the team to help young people apply what they're reading to their everyday lives.

Mike said: "We're desperate to help young people get into God's word that they might continue to develop and deepen their relationship with Jesus throughout the year. Andy and I have recorded the gospels too, and made them available for free online, so that any who find reading hard can listen to the Bible instead. We hope thousands will join us in reading through the whole of the Bible over the next 12 months and that together we can go on a journey to learn more about our amazing Saviour."