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07 September 2017

Joyride launched by comedian Tom Elliot

Joyride launched by comedian Tom Elliot

A brand new podcast has been launched by Christian comedian Tom Elliot.

Joyride will encourage people to develop a greater sense of joy in their lives.

The first episode of Joyride features Matt Bird, founder of Relationology.

Tom Elliot said: "This brand new podcast will, I believe, give opportunity to provoke questions about life and I look forward to hearing stories of those whose lives have been changed as a result of listening to this. "I'm excited that we have some amazing guests who will be sharing their own story and struggles with finding joy.

"Too often, we can only paint a rosy side to our lives, but I've asked our guests to be honest with our listeners as that is where the real encouragement comes from!" The podcast will be co-hosted by magician Tom Geatches and will explore the challenges of finding joy in different spheres of life.

It is aimed at those who are on the fringes of faith, challenging them to think about whether true joy can be found.

Future guests include Andy Frost, Jake Isaacs, Noel Robinson and Paul Blakely MBE.

Two pre-show episodes are also available at www.joyridepodcast.co.uk  

Tom Geatches said: "I'm delighted to be working with Tom Elliott in co-hosting the Joyride Podcast launching this week. I hope that people across the UK will listen in and share it with their friends. 

"I believe we have some amazing guests in the coming weeks and months which will challenge, stir and encourage our listeners to think about how they can have a joy which will last!" 

To find out more and listen to the JoyRide Podcast, simply visit www.joyridepodcast.co.uk