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15 February 2017

Leading Christian charities team up to help those in poverty

Leading Christian charities team up to help those in poverty

Alliance member Christians Against Poverty is teaming up with the Trussell Trust to bring sustained help to people in crisis. 

As the UK's largest foodbank provider, the Trust already works with one debt charity, but hopes the partnership with CAP can offer long-term solutions to families with a range of needs. 

Around one in 12 referrals to the Trust are due to debt, but this doesn't take into account debts arising as a result of benefits issues, which continue to be the most likely reason a person is referred to a Trussell Trust foodbank.

A CAP survey of 1,200 debt clients showed 93 per cent were able to feed their family following debt counselling advice from the charity, a fact that shows long-term support can make a lasting difference.

Matt Barlow, chief executive of CAP said: "Every person crippled by grinding poverty deserves to find solutions and that is why today marks a huge step forward for the most vulnerable in the UK. 

"Many of our partner churches are already helping their communities by running a Trussell Trust foodbank alongside a CAP centre, so there's a natural crossover and makes total sense for our organisations to now be formally linked.

"We are looking forward to seeing foodbanks and CAP centres around the UK working together to provide hope and solutions to help people stay out of crisis."

Adrian Curtis, Foodbank Network Director for The Trussell Trust said: "We know that thousands of families are going hungry every year because of issues like debt – that's why foodbanks in our network offer support beyond emergency food, signposting to local agencies to help people tackle the roots of their crisis. 

"We know that people who visit foodbanks often have a range of complex needs and we're delighted to now be formally linked with CAP, as well as Community Money Advice, to ensure these most vulnerable people get the invaluable support these charities can offer. 

"This new agreement means it will be even more easy for people with debt, unemployment, or budgeting problems to find a more positive future." 

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