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27 November 2015

Loved this Christmas

Loved this Christmas

A vlogger has released a video in the style of the John Lewis advert to show viewers the true meaning of Christmas.

Dan Rackham, a church community worker from Toxteth, has created his own version of John Lewis' popular Christmas advert, after seeing the original and being inspired to use the advert as an opportunity to change the message to focus on the gift of Jesus.

Dan said: "Like most people, I loved the advert.

"But I'd love for people to look down the other end of the telescope this Christmas. When it comes to giving gifts, I believe it's God who's given us the ultimate gift, actually coming down to us.

"That's what Christmas is all about."

Since its launch on 20 November 2015, the video has been watched by almost 60,000 people and has been featured on YouTube's Most Popular feed, with viewers also visiting the accompanying website www.lovedthischristmas.com.

The website gives people a chance to find out more about Jesus and the story of Christmas, as well as get hold of some free literature, donated by Christian publishers.

A link on the website enables individuals, churches, or other organisations to download a high-quality version of the video to show at Christmas services and events.

Dan is embracing social media to help to promote the project: "We're also hoping the hashtag #lovedthisChristmas might get a bit of momentum over the next few weeks, and throughout December we'll be using the Twitter account @lovedthisXmas as an online advent calendar."

The Revd Robin Ham, a pioneer minister in Barrow-in-Furness and one of the team of friends behind the website, said: "What Dan's done, in such a short space of time and with limited resources, is quite incredible.

"It's a high quality production, and yet it's got real but simple substance to it. And ultimately Dan's got us all together to make it happen because he longs for people to discover that God has loved us by giving us his Son, Jesus."