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22 July 2015

Doncaster: a passion for unity

Doncaster churches are making a commitment to work together in mission in their communities. This video emphasises their passion for unity.

Ian Mayer, a local leader explained their vision for unity: "I love the mathematical definition of unity, "a quantity assuming the value of one". There is a sense here of defining "quantity" in the singular, rather than in the plural. Imagine the Church across a locality choosing to be identified in the singular rather than the plural? Every denomination, every stream and flavour saying, we choose to be known as one. What would such a Church look like? Are we brave enough to walk a path like this? Is it even a choice?"

Mission Doncaster supports the uniting of the Christian Church in Doncaster. Their vision is: "We exist to help local Churches develop closer relationships, joined up thinking, and a shared vision for our city. Mission Doncaster acts as an umbrella organisation providing administrative and financial support. Those involved work together through shared relationships, shared values and a shared vision. Not only can we combine our individual resources, but having supportive and accountable relationships provides a stable platform to work and grow."

All over the UK, in cities, towns and villages, God has been doing a hidden work. Christian leaders and churches over the last few years have been forming vibrant mission-focused unity movements based on a foundation of prayer and friendship.

Gather has uncovered more than 100 such movements all over the UK and we expect to find more examples of these extraordinary partnerships. These are people who are fed up with working in isolation from, or in competition with, other churches in their area. They are laying down theological and cultural differences for the sake of reaching their local area with the love of Christ. They are taking seriously the prayer of Jesus: “May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me.” John 17:23.