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11 April 2016

New app gives refugees a helping hand

New app gives refugees a helping hand

A new app designed to help refugees as they travel and settle in Europe has been launched in the Netherlands.

The app, called Love-Europe, which was launched last week, has been developed as a way for Christians to respond to the vulnerability of refugees across the continent.

Jan Willem Bosman, part of the team that developed the app, said: "Thousands of refugees are coming into Europe every day. They come from terrible and difficult places and the majority flee because there is no alternative for survival. As Christians we want to act and offer hospitality and care for the weak, as Jesus taught us to do."

The app currently contains points of interest in the Netherlands and some other countries, giving practical tips such as information about refugee camps, free Wi-Fi locations, doctors and hospitals, train stations and shops.
It is also designed to help refugees communicate with Europeans and has a bilingual display. It contains a description of the norms and values of each country in several languages, including explaining the Christian faith and values.
Further developments are planned for the app, including a media centre which will contain information about the country and Christian films, and a section which gives the option for churches to organise events for refugees.
Jan Willem Bosman added: "Our main focus is to share love and show hospitality to the refugees. Our first goal is that refugees will start to use the app in their daily life. We want them to experience love and we want to show them our source of love: Jesus."

The developers plan to build a network of partners in as many European countries as possible: teams in Germany and Greece have started to prepare the app for use there and connections are being made with organisations in France and Sweden about becoming Love-Europe partners.
The initiatiators of the app, Agape Europe, are asking for prayers as they develop this project, as well as looking for more partners and funds.
If you can help, please visit the Love-Europe website.