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05 April 2012

New study looks at disconnection from the Church

New study looks at disconnection from the Church

What makes people leave the Church, and what is it that draws them back? These are the questions an Alliance member organisation is aiming to answer as part of a new project.

The new study – Journeys From Disconnection to Reconnection – being carried out by Connect4Life (C4L), will address key questions to help church leaders better understand those experiencing disconnection and those thinking about reconnecting.

It asks: “Is a period of disconnection from church (and/or from God) a ‘normal’ part of the faith journey for Christians today? What types of change occur to a person during such disconnection? In what ways might they be different when reconnecting?”

A Tearfund study in 2007 found that 16 million people in the UK who once attended church no longer do so.

A further 77,000 went to a church service on Back to Church Sunday last year and research found that 45 per cent would be open to reconnecting.

Connect4Life is hoping that their new research will help church leaders better understand the issues faced by the disconnected and explore the faith journeys of 21st century Christians.

The organisation’s work and resources have recently been endorsed by leading Christians, including the Alliance’s general director Steve Clifford, who said: “Connect4Life offers to churches an integrated approach to discipleship which is outward-looking yet God-focused. This could be a vital resource for 21st century leaders.”

Jim Currin, evangelism secretary for Churches Together, added: “I am not aware of other resources like this for people who want to reconnect with Christ – for that reason alone this is a welcome resource for churches to have available.”

Connect4Life is hoping that Christians who have disconnected but are thinking about reconnecting; and church leaders will take part in the study. To fill out the survey, visit the ministry’s website.

See the website for more details and to order free samples for outreach and discipleship resources.