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01 September 2009

Peter Williams

Peter S. Williams (MA, MPhil) is a philosopher and apologist with several books to his name and is an author and speaker with Damaris Trust.

Here is a taster from Pete's interview:

What about an ordinary person in the pew who feels threatened by the New Atheists? How should they react?

I think the temptation for people from right across the board, whether they're religious or not, is to look at someone like Dawkins and think, oh, here's a professor at Oxford University, clearly a clever man, here's a scientist that has a lot of social prestige in our culture. He must know what he's going on about. But simply to point out to people that Richard Dawkins is someone who is trained in zoology, and here is talking about very complex issues of philosophy of religion, metaphysics, he is talking outside of his area of expertise on this. And simply to know that there are a great many people whose area of expertise that is in this country, at similarly prestigious universities, at the same institutions as Dawkins who radically disagree with him…for every Richard Dawkins you mention, you could mention someone at the same institution who actual subject of expertise this is who would disagree with him.