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16 July 2013

Pioneer minister appointed by CPAS

Pioneer minister appointed by CPAS

by Amy Wearring

Rev Pam McNaughton, a pioneer minister and diocesan adviser for pioneer ministry, has been appointed by Anglican evangelical mission agency CPAS to the role of leadership specialist.

Pam will be accountable for overseeing CPAS' new project, which aims to resource mission in multi-parish benefices, as well as developing lay and ordained leaders in a vast variety of other settings through training and resources.

For the last five years, Pam has been working as an ordained pioneer minister at four churches in Bishopthorpe near York, and she is the diocesan adviser for pioneer ministry. With an ever increasing number of parishes being made up of three or more churches (over 60 per cent in some dioceses), equipping leaders in this setting is one of the key priorities of the mission agency.

CPAS is looking to launch a project in 2014 to help leaders working across a number of churches to be more effective in mission following a three-month research project on leadership issues in multi-parish benefices and a number of Leading Edge training days on the topic. Pam said: "As someone who longs to see churches reaching out and growing, rather than just surviving, I'm really excited to be heading up the multi-parish benefice project, as well as contributing to CPAS' wider ministry of leadership development."

"We're delighted that Pam is joining us, and know her experience of pioneering new congregations in multi-parish settings will contribute to this vital area of our work. With increasing interest in our leadership development days, programmes and resources from across churches and dioceses, Pam will be a great addition to the team,' said James Lawrence, leadership principal at CPAS.

Pam joins Charles Burgess, CPAS' other leadership specialist, and will continue to be based in York where she lives with her family.