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20 May 2016

Prayers continue for Chibok girls

Prayers continue for Chibok girls

Prayers continue for the remaining missing Chibok girls as two are rescued.

Amina and Serah were among more than 200 girls abducted by Boko Haram in 2014.

Now Alliance member Girls' Brigade (GB) is calling for prayers for Amina and Serah as they recover, and for continued prayer for those still missing.

Claire Rush, participation and advocacy co-ordinator for GB says: "As survivors of sexual violence and trauma, Amina and Serah are taking the first steps on their long road to restoration, healing and wholeness.

"We need to continue to pray for them and other returning survivors and that their community will treat them with compassion and love, especially where sexual violence has a certain stigma."

GB's latest prayer resource for the girls features a written prayer, ideas of how to use the resource individually, as part of GB, or in church, as well as an update written earlier this year.

You can also take part in GB's ongoing Card of Hope campaign, which encourages making cards like the one in the picture. They can then be sent either to the national GB office, or directly to people in positions of influence.

The cards are to be used as a reminder saying: 'I've not forgotten you.'

In March 2015 a 'delegation of hope' presented some of the 2,500 cards to Baroness Joyce Anelay at the UK Foreign Office and at Downing Street.

Claire Rush continued: "217 young women from Chibok remain missing and many, many other women have been kidnapped in separate Boko Haram attacks. Since 2009, over 15,000-20,000 have been killed through Boko Haram's violence and over 2 million people in Nigeria have been displaced.

"Let's continue to turn up the volume of hope for the Chibok girls as well as pray for the wider instability in Nigeria."


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