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01 February 2016

Prayers on the move

Prayers on the move

A new daily prayer app and website is being launched to help busy commuters find wellbeing through a moment of calm.

The prayers on the move campaign will include 700 adverts on the Newcastle Metro and bus system, and 3,000 adverts on the London underground, featuring short prayers.

SPCK, who are running the campaign, say that research shows that only 26 per cent of those who pray do so daily, and want prayers on the move to help more people pray more often.

The app and website have 31 prayers, one for every day of the month, with audio recordings of each prayer, daily reminders, and information about prayer and the Christian faith.

SPCK have also produced a booklet with the prayers, which can be purchased, along with other travelling merchandise including travel mugs, tote bags, and oyster card holders.

Prayers can be shared on social media, by using the Twitter handle @PrayerOTM, the Facebook page, and Instagram, using the hashtag #prayersonthemove.

The bishop of London, Richard Chartres, and Sean Pinnock will join a prayer walk at 10am on 19 February in central London, moving from Westminster Abbey to Trafalgar Square. All are invited to attend.

To find out more about the prayers, the app and events, please visit the prayers on the move website.