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03 August 2009

Rose Dowsett and Dewi Hughes

Rose Dowsett is a former missionary with OMF international, author, speaker, teacher at International Christian College, and Vice-Chairman of the WEA's Mission Commission. Dewi Hughes is Theological Adviser to Tearfund.

Here is a taster from Rose's interview:

For women who are struggling with identity as leaders within the evangelical church, what kind of encouragement can you give them?

That's a huge question. The reality is that amongst evangelicals there are profoundly different convictions as to the role of women in leadership in the church. I have never seen it as my job to try to divide the Christian community over that issue. But I think that if as a woman you see yourself in a situation where the discipline of your church denies you any kind of structural leadership, that's OK. Actually, biblical leadership is not just about position and structure. I think the Lord can open up many ways in which you can quietly set about influencing other people and learning from other people. But there are many forms of leadership that are nothing to do with being and organisational leader...I think you look to the Lord to open up the areas of ministry that are right for you and that there are always ways in which you can serve God, whether or not some things are shut off from you...