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02 September 2015

Soul Survivor reports record success

Soul Survivor reports record success

The Soul Survivor festivals welcomed the highest number of young people at their camps this year despite the poor weather.

The Alliance member was flooded with nearly 25,000 teenagers, youth leaders and team members at the four summer events, with more than 5,000 students, 20s and 30s attending Momentum.

Soul Survivor are running a special one-day conference for the 1398 people who told them they committed their lives to Jesus during the conferences.

Mike Pilavachi, leader of Soul Survivor Watford, said: “Every year we see God do wonderful things, but this summer we’ve been blown away by incredible physical healings.

“In Stafford, a woman who had been in a wheelchair for five years with dystonia was healed during the worship. The doctors had told her that with her degenerative condition she’d never be out of the wheelchair but was able to get up, walk and climb up on stage, overwhelmed with joy.

“A young girl who had only 20 per cent vision in one eye found her eye sight partially restored while enjoying the bonfire with her friends. A friend from South Africa had come over for an appointment at Moorfields Eye Hospital as she was going blind, but they said there was nothing they could do. She was prayed for by some of the young people in Somerset and can now see colour for the first time in six months.

“We’ve been stunned by God’s grace and goodness. Another highlight was God calling out one young guy, called Sam, to become a Christian during one of the talks. It was such a wonderful reminder that when we’re seeing large numbers of young people giving their lives to Jesus, he sees each individual and knows them by name.”

The teaching focused on developing intimacy with God through worship, prayer and reading the Bible, and on living out God’s mission.