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01 January 2009

Steve Timmis

Steve Timmis is the founder of The Crowded House network of churches in Sheffield, and of The Porterbrook Network training. He was the founding Director of Radstock Ministries and the founder of Northern Training, a Bible training course aimed at equipping Christians for Bible teaching. With Tim Chester, Steve is the author of 'Total Church: a radical reshaping around Gospel and Community.'

Here is a taster from Steve's podcast interview:

Over the years you’ve been working with Crowded House, what’s been the biggest problem that you’ve faced?

The biggest problem has been living consistently with our convictions. We build our life around what we call values that are responsible for creating a particular distinctive culture. But they’re aspirational, so it’s living consistently with them that’s the most difficult thing. We make a big thing about living our life together as God’s people. Jesus said: "All men will know you are disciples if you love one another." We want to take that very seriously. But loving one another is very difficult, and loving one another day by day in the nitty-gritty of life, not just on a Sunday for an hour and a half, is even more difficult. So it’s the basic elements of discipleship that are difficult and the most challenging, and yet the most glorious when you see the Holy Spirit take God’s word and apply it to our hearts and change us and disciple us through our relationships with each other.