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11 July 2011

Tearfund is Premier Radio's charity of the year

Tearfund is Premier Radio's charity of the year

Christian relief and development agency Tearfund has become Premier Christian Radio's Charity of the Year. Together, Tearfund and Premier will invite listeners to see for themselves the difference the local church is making around the world.

Premier will help tell the stories of local churches changing their worlds, and invite listeners to share in the adventure of seeing transformation come to communities in Peru, Nepal or Uganda through new initiative See For Yourself.

Tearfund Chief Executive, Matthew Frost, said: "We're excited about this opportunity to speak to Premier listeners and to challenge them that the answer to poverty is in their hands.

"In so many communities around the world, people face extreme need and hardship. Children die before they reach school age because of waterborne diseases, or have to be brought up by their grandparents when their parents are lost to HIV because they couldn't afford to get the bus to the clinic to pick up their medication.

"That's the harsh reality of poverty. But the joyful reality is that the church is making a difference, and people's lives are being transformed because churches are inspiring people to change themselves and their own communities - for good."

The partnership, which runs for a year, gives Premier listeners the opportunity to invest in the power and potential of the local church in some of the world's poorest places. Supporters invest £20 a month and receive monthly email updates from their chosen community, as well as a film every three months, as a representative example of the kinds of work churches are doing in some of the world's poorest communities.

Peter Kerridge, CEO of Premier Christian Media said, "Tearfund is an overtly Christian organisation. Their whole outlook and philosophy is about living out God's kingdom values of love, hope and transformation. This appeals strongly to Premier Christian Media's own goals and objectives of serving the churches and communities of the UK by delivering Christ's teachings through radio and other media. We're very much looking forward to working with Tearfund and seeing these goals fulfilled."