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03 October 2012

Tearfund receives leadership award

Tearfund receives leadership award

Tearfund’s Inspired Individuals Initiative received an award in recognition of their work to support social entrepreneurs at last Friday’s Peer Awards.

The Peer Awards seek to celebrate social responsibility and innovation in the business world, through their conferences and awards.

Tearfund won an award under the category ‘Talent and Leadership’, ahead of entries from the Bank of America and Capgemini.

Having realised the potential of social entrepreneurs to lift their local communities out of poverty, Tearfund’s Inspired Individuals Initiative seeks to offer them the support which will enable them to excel.

The initiative supports people in a number of ways.

They are offered a stipend, so that they can focus on their projects rather than on survival.

They have the benefits of fellowship with other entrepreneurs, so that they can connect and encourage one another.

Moreover, they are coached, mentored and trained to ensure they are prepared for the challenges they will face.

Theresa Malila (pictured) was supported by the Initiative in her ‘Somebody Cares’ project which aims to mobilise churches in Malawi.

Through Theresa more than 1,500 churches have been brought together to tackle many of the challenges facing local communities and have started projects such as rape crisis counselling, youth clubs, childcare centres, irrigation schemes and vocational skills training.

On reception of the award, Gary Swart, the director of the initiative said: “We’re proud to be recognised by the Peer Awards as an organisation that is nurturing talent, leadership and innovation in the third sector.

“We know that these difficult times are affecting the poorest and most vulnerable people the hardest, so it’s truly encouraging to know that our work to support social entrepreneurs is appreciated by our peers.”

Tearfund were also one of the four runners-up for the overall award out of 39 other nominees.