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26 April 2013

Tenants of faith

Tenants of faith

A survey by Green Pastures, a national housing organisation, has revealed that of all the tenants housed by their partner organisations, 27 per cent have become Christians during the last year, while endeavouring to get their lives back on track and integrate better into the local community.

This survey was conducted through the 34 partners nationwide that they currently work with to provide housing for the homeless and highlights the great work helping tenants to become self-sufficient once more.

Green Pastures is a national Christian social enterprise that provides homes for the homeless and those in most need. The award-winning enterprise houses and supports more than 450 people through this network. Partner organisations place the tenants, provide pastoral care, maintain the property and receive ongoing support from Green Pastures which provide a five per cent return on their investment.

“We were absolutely delighted with the findings,” said Pastor Pete Cunningham, co-founder of Green Pastures. “All of us are working to the same goal and that is to see, through the church, homelessness eradicated across our nation, one person at a time. Of course with the hard work, love and compassion demonstrated to our service users, we do hope that they begin to see the outworking of Matthew 25 in our lives, but never did we anticipate such a large number of people coming to faith. We thank God and ask him to continually give strength and wisdom in this very difficult ministry.”

Green Pastures have received a further 50 requests from church organisations who wish to partner in order to see homelessness eradicated in their own towns. Shoreline Church reports that there is now no homelessness in Southport as a result of the work being carried out.

Green Pastures currently have more than 240 houses across the UK and are looking to add to their number of partners. They provide expertise, purchase properties, provide ongoing support, cover mortgage payments, major repairs and building costs in liaison with the partner.

“We do anticipate an increase in the numbers of homeless people in the next months but we believe we can release the church to house the homeless by providing houses for them. We are here to serve, and release the Church to fulfil their vision for the disenfranchised of their areas,“ concluded Pastor Cunningham.

Photo: Green Pastures co-founder Pete Cunningham with tenants.