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01 May 2008

Terry Virgo

Terry Virgo (1940-) is the leader of the New Frontiers family of churches. Born and raised in Brighton, Virgo started a small church movement which has grown into an international group of churches in 29 nations. He recently spoke at New Word Alive and is the author of over 14 books.

What are the key things you have learned in your years of ministry?

"I remember God saying to me early on in my ministry that my first calling is to be a worshipper and to always remember that as a priority. That puts everything in perspective. Be a worshipper: however well it is going, however badly it is going. I have tried to keep focussed on Jesus and enjoy him for myself. Anything else is a bonus. ...."

One of the key issues is passing on leadership to the next generation. What principles do you use to pass on well.

"We follow the biblical pattern of Paul and Timothy who worked together. ... The way we have tried to train up leaders is in a living working context wherever possible, rather than going away to academic centres. Not that we despise knowledge but we prioritise working alongside. ... We like to encourage people to take a year or two as a training programme working in churches including theological and practical skills training but also carrying responsibility as well as learning principles. ..."