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06 September 2016

The Archers and talking about domestic violence

The Archers and talking about domestic violence

To mark the start of Helen's trial in The Archers, Alliance member Restored has published seven steps to tackle domestic violence.

Restored wants Christians to take small actions that make a big difference.

The seven steps include being educated about domestic violence and how to identify it, and linking in with professional services.

The Archers fictional trial has been widely reported in the media and on social media and has been credited with raising awareness of the nature of domestic abuse and coercive control.

The Alliance joined the campaign by posting a picture with the hashtag #Solidaritea, which showed the team drinking a cup of tea and standing in solidarity with Helen and other victims of abuse.

Restored's campaign In Churches Too encourages churches to respond appropriately and effectively to domestic abuse, and to acknowledge that it happens within churches.

The campaign seeks to see all churches have a policy, procedure and point person on domestic abuse that a victim or survivor can go to be signposted to the help and support they need.

1. Be Educated. Find out what is domestic abuse and how to identify it.

2. Debunk the myths of abuse. Watch Restored's short video here.

3. Be Trained. Restored and CCPAS offer training for churches on recognising the signs of domestic abuse and responding well.

4. Link in with local professional services.

5. Put up a poster in the ladies' loos. Restored have a free poster which can be downloaded here.

6. Conduct a church self-assessment form here and decide how your church wants to respond.

7. Support Restored.

Most of all Restored want Christians to use The Archers to start a conversation about how your church tackles domestic violence.

This could lead onto a path of action that will enable the church to become a safe or safer place for survivors of abuse to find the help and support they need to stay safe and recover.

As a member of the Evangelical Alliance, Restored is one of 600 organisations supported by the Alliance. We facilitate members' initiatives and campaigns and offer support to increase their impact and provide training for organisations on how to engage with the local government and media.

If you would like to become a member of the Evangelical Alliance as an organisation, church or individual, you can find out more here.