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01 July 2008

Tom Wright

Bishop Tom Wright, Bishop of Durham, is a prolific author and, for some, one of the most influential theologians of our time. His books include The Resurrection of the Son of God, the Everyone Bible series and most recently Surprised by Hope. In this month’s podcast we ask Bishop Tom to share lessons he has learnt since being in Christian leadership as well as his advice to the next generation of leaders and his thoughts on Heaven.

Here’s a taster from the podcast interview:

What’s the most important thing the current generation of leaders can do to invest in next generation?

What I’d really want to do is say to the next generation, I want you to know your Bibles inside out and upside down in the original languages as thoroughly as you can. I also want you to get on your knees and learn how to pray and not just 5 minutes here and there but serious prayer for God’s world, God’s people, for anything and everything that’s going onwards. And the third thing is I want you to learn how to love people. Some people are naturally loving and they may need to learn other dimensions, some people are a bit shy and don’t quite know how to do it or they don’t terribly like people that much & if you’re going to be a Christian leader - the bible, prayer and loving people.