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02 July 2012

Our top 10 most read articles - ever!

Our top 10 most read articles - ever!

From Mark Driscoll to evolution, we've searched our archives to bring you the articles that you have been the most interested in on our website. Whether they have caused controversy or told stories of some of the most heart-rending issues in our society, these are the top 10 most popular articles to have featured on www.eauk.org

1. Can a Christian believe in evolution?

It's a biggie for many evangelical Christians and in May 2005, Denis R Alexander, a fellow of St Edmund's College, and editor of Science & Christian belief, helped to answer this difficult question …

2. The Shack

Remember The Shack? Written by Canadian author William P Young, the self-published novel has sold more than 10 million copies since its publication in 2007. Everyone was reading it, and everyone was talking about it. So we waded into the discussion.

3. Review of Love Wins

In early 2011, a controversial book by US writer and church leader Rob Bell looked at the nature of hell and eternal reconciliation. Evangelical Alliance board member Derek Tidball's review is still among the most popular responses to Love Wins from within the UK.

4. 10 blogging commandments

"You shall not covet your neighbour's blog ranking. Be content with your own content." As social media began to take off, presenting a great opportunity for Christians, the Alliance came up with this and nine other 'blogging commandments'.

5. Culture Footprint: Milton Jones

Funnyman Milton Jones provides some light relief mid-way through the top 10. The stand-up comedian famous for his quick-fire one-liners, puns and surreal humour chatted to us about faith and being funny, including the one about the giant helicopter…

6. The UK Church: Big shots, wimps or just humble servants?

US pastor Mark Driscoll's comments about a lack of British superstar preachers certainly sparked debate in 2011. We asked two pastors from both sides of the fence to answer the question: do we really need more well-known, influential Bible teachers in the UK?

7. Baby P case in Haringey dominates news and causes public outrage

The tragic death of Baby P in Haringey shocked a nation. As the country took a closer look at its failed social care system and bureaucracy, we urged churches to do better at protecting vulnerable children.

8. Benefit of religions

In July 2008, the Evangelical Alliance expressed its concern at Charity Commission guidelines around charities demonstrating how they contribute to public benefit.

9. Mrs Walker has drawn on her Christian faith to find forgiveness for the two young men who murdered her son Anthony

How do you forgive the people who murdered your son with an axe just because he was black? That's exactly what Gee Walker did. This article in 2005 told the story of her journey of forgiveness and her Christian faith.

10. Prayer for Haiti

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, the Alliance urged Christians to keep praying for survivors and the relief efforts taking place.