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16 March 2016

Turkish Christians call for prayer for nation

Turkish Christians call for prayer for nation

Christians in Turkey have called for prayer in response to Sunday's terrorist bombing in Ankara.

The explosion killed 37 people and injured around 125 others in the heart of the Turkish capital.

Christian TV broadcaster and Alliance member SAT-7 is calling for prayers for peace and light in Turkey.

Gökhan Talas, broadcast manager for SAT-7 TURK said: "Please pray for the future of our country, pray for the injured and for victims' families.

"Pray that SAT-7 TURK will be a source of hope and vision in this darkness".

The ongoing unrest in Turkey has claimed over 1,000 lives since June 2015 with attacks by Kurdish PKK militants on security forces and clashes between the government and PKK turning some districts into war zones.

Thousands of residents have fled the violence and a number of towns have been placed under curfew.

Several churches are in the conflict areas and a new campaign of email and online death threats has brought anxiety to the Christian community.

A social media campaign You were Charlie, you were Paris, will you be Ankara? was shared widely in the aftermath of the attacks to highlight the severity of the violence.

Channel director Melih Ekener said: "SAT-7 TURK is offering hope and peace in this difficult time. The insecurities that Turkey as a whole and Christians in particular face mean our work is a lot more difficult and even more important than before." 

SAT-7 TURK offers various programmes including Bible teaching by Turkish preachers, apologetics and documentaries, Christian news, church services, and magazine shows for women, youth and people with disabilities.

To find out more about SAT-7 please visit their website.

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