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26 January 2010

Vine Church in Fife answers call to Haiti

Vine Church in Fife answers call to Haiti

With relief and rebuilding efforts in the stricken nation of Haiti continuing with no end in sight, a team from Dunfermline Vine Church's Lemon Aid charity went to pitch in. The team-Lemon Aid founder Justin Dowds, his father Pastor Jimmy Dowds, Adrian Turk and Charlie Seaman-flew out with Manchester men Andy Hawthorne and Anthony Delaney to Haiti with 40 bags of vital medical supplies and cash.

Lemon Aid has worked for several years with a Wesleyan hospital on the island of Lagonave, just off the coast of Haiti. But the hospital was badly damaged in the quake and the charity is planning to re-build it with steel frames to better resist future disasters. The team from Vine Church delivered supplies to both this hospital and an emergency surgical unit in Port-au-Prince.

Justin, a pharmacist at Boots in Dundee, said, "There are people from different parts of the globe all coming together for a common goal. It is just amazing, a brilliant side of humanity."

Adrian said, "People usually do things for themselves but these people are trying to get out there with a sole aim to try to make a difference."

The team were inspired by how well the Haitians were coping with the disaster, and how patient they were even with long waits for medical help in the open air under a hot sun.
Lemon Aid
sent another team of volunteers to follow this one on 2 February with another 1000kg of supplies.