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18 April 2014

Jesus on the cross: Reflection 7

Jesus on the cross: Reflection 7

Jesus cried out in a loud voice, "Father, into your hands I commend my spirit." Luke 23:46 

by Fred Drummond

Recently, I was watching, with friends, the first DVD of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. At the end of the film everything looks bleak. The group is split up, one has been been killed the situation looks really bleak. At the end a young voice from our group pipes up " don't worry mum, they win in the end"

They win in the end.

It is impossible for us to fully understand the horrors Jesus went through for us. He is pure, perfect had done no wrong. Yet in love and obedience he submits to the full range of horror. He is physically, emotionally and spiritually abused. Jesus is tormented and tempted to the maximum. He who did no wrong, knew no sin paid the price for our sins. Love incarnate gives himself for us. Revealing His love not in empty cliche but with blood.

Having endured all Jesus takes his last breath and speaks out words from Psalm 31. They are words of intimacy and trust. Words not of despair but of hope. Not of defeat but victory.. Now that the work is done, salvation is secure, I know I can commit my Spirit into your hands.

At the end of all the suffering, when the darkness has seemed pitch black. Ultimately having done it all Jesus is able to say I can place my Spirit into your hands Father. I can trust in you.

This Easter, you may be going through a time of great darkness and despair. Perhaps you are in the midst of such sadness you don't know what to do and where to turn.

You have tried to find help in so many places but nothing gives any you any encouragement.

The words of Jesus at this crucial time call through history to us. They say that even in the midst of real hard and painful times. When the pain is red hot Jesus has defeated everything.  He has been through darkness and has overcome for us. There is hope.

More than that, God is our Father, He loves us as His children. God is not a distant deity but a Father to whom we can turn. He is one who can be trusted in every situation.

The work has be done, victory is secure, love has conquered Jesus gives Himself back into the hands of His Father.
Father into your Hands I commit my Spirit

Fred drummond
Fred Drummond is director of prayer and national director of Evangelical Alliance Scotland
Words of Jesus on the cross Holy Week reflections series