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08 November 2011

Chaz Harrison - Broadcast Journalism

Chaz Harrison - Broadcast Journalism

Chaz Harrison is a broadcast journalist for the BBC. She has been working in the industry for over seven years presenting, producing and reporting on radio shows. Chaz has a BA Hons in Broadcast Journalism from Nottingham University. She has also worked in Africa for television station TV3 where she presented and read the news for the station.

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

My passion has always been journalism; from such a young age l always had my parents' video recorder filming and reporting on events and holidays we were on. I knew I would one day become a journalist.

The best thing about being a journalist is that when people ask you this question: "What did you want to be as a child when you grew up?" I am actually able to say: "What I am now, a journalist.

"How did you end up in broadcast journalism?

Knowing what you want from such an early age helps you follow the correct path to pursue your career. I always did work experience for local TV stations and radio stations, so it helped me know how the world of journalism worked. I then did my A-levels and BA Hons to help me get all the skills I needed for the job.

Best story you ever covered? 

I've done so many stories - I'm really proud. I recently did a story about homelessness rising in Northamptonshire by 60% in a year. I got to speak to so many really interesting people and hear their story.

Another interview I've produced a great story from was when I met the lovely Beyonce. I am a fan and it was hard trying not to act like a raving idiot when I was interviewing her.

  Any professional faux pas you want to share with us? 

Forgetting an interviewee's name when I was talking to them. My excuse is that I meet so many different people on a daily basis that it's so hard to remember everyone!

What makes you angry? 

Knowing that there are so many people suffering in the world from poverty to HIV/Aids and even people suffering from cancer. I would love to give money to every charity in the world but I can only give so much.

Media highlight of the year so far?

 Covering London Fashion Week and getting to walk down the catwalk. AMAZING!

What role does faith play in your work?

The best thing about journalism is that anything can be a story and a lot of meetings at church or conversations I've had have ended up making great features for radio. There is so much good that faith has done for people, and sharing their story is a great way of engaging people without making them feel that you're preaching to them (especially if they're not Christian).

What do you consider your greatest achievement so far?

Fulfilling my career goal at such a young age. I am truly blessed and have God to thank for every door that has opened to me.