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08 May 2012

David Deanie, magician

David Deanie, magician

David is originally from Glasgow. Having set up his business Magic by David in 2008, he is now a full-time professional magician performing at a wide variety of events. In addition David works as a ‘giggle doctor’ where he brings smiles and laughter to children in hospital. You can see David in action here: www.magicbydavid.co.uk

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
You have the choice as a child to grow up... or become a magician. I always knew I would do something different - I did not know exactly what it would be but I can safely say that everything I’m doing now fits perfectly into the ‘other/miscellaneous’ category. I have the best job in the world.

How did you end up as a magician?
I always loved puzzles and games as a child and anything a bit different. I had books on magic and origami and wanted to find out more, so I joined the Glasgow School of Magic - sadly nothing like Hogwarts - learned from lectures, books and videos. I won several local competitions and then became Scottish Close-up Magician of the Year.  
Since then I have been accepted into the world-famous Magic Circle as an associate inner member with Silver Star for performing. After doing a degree in international business and modern languages I decided to set up my own business. They sound like worlds apart, however I performed magic in French and German, and I did my marketing dissertation on the promotion of live entertainment acts. Not so different after all.

Will magic change the world?
Magic itself cannot accomplish anything - it is all smoke and mirrors, elephants and rabbits. However people can change the world and I am a person. I know that performing magic is a great way to entertain, bring people together and make them smile. I think that would help change the world.

What role does your faith have in your profession?
I started my own business during a recession and I have to rely on God to provide. I pray, people at church pray and I have work. I also work in hospitals with sick children and their families. I bring laughter and make people forget their situation with the gifts I have been given. Without faith it can seem hopeless at times.

Best trick ever?
By me or another magician? Copperfield’s buzz saw in which he saws himself in half in front of a live audience was voted top magic trick of all time. However, to find out what a magician’s best trick is you must ask his wife. Then you will discover the real answer.  My wife would say a trick I do with a coin and bottle. She loves watching people’s reactions. I would say it was producing a thought of card from my wallet.   

Which movie character do you most relate to?
Andy Dufresne from The Shawshank Redemption – a very patient person. My wife will confirm this!  I’m determined, likeable and only speak when I have something worth saying.  Thankfully I haven’t been wrongfully imprisoned.

What makes you happy?
My family, playing games with friends, my work, learning a new origami fold, frisbee, friends’ weddings, hill walking, to name but a few. 

The arts and the Church – chalk and cheese?
I would say hand-in-hand - like wine and cheese or chalk and a chalkboard.  God is the creative creator, he made us in His image and you see people create everywhere in music, performance, art, dance etc. I do work in a variety of churches, often supporting them with outreach events and loving the local community.

If you could change one thing with the click of your finger, what would it be?
My nine-month-old daughter’s socks - she just wriggles everywhere!  Either that or nappies...

What is your dream for society?
That people played more games and magicians become a legal requirement at weddings, parties and events.

What is your biggest achievement thus far?
My family, the fact my wife picked me out of a possible 3,456,782,396 men on this earth.

Tell us a joke
Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.