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20 January 2015

Meet ventriloquist Marc Griffiths

Meet ventriloquist Marc Griffiths

Marc Griffiths is a ventriloquist from Sheffield and has spoken to more than one million children. He got to the top six of Britain's Got Talent in 2012, and won the Mustard Seed Gold National Award in the same year. He tours with his puppet Kevin. We interviewed the pair this week. 

How did you get into ventriloquism?
Marc: After buying a puppet during a gap year in America I started volunteering in local schools. When you work with kids you either get good or die trying. I didn't want to die!
Kevin: Good choice.

How do you spend your days? 
Marc: On an average day I get up at 4am, drive for five hours, visit two schools and speak to 500 children. I also do evening events and conferences. It's pretty full-on. 
Kevin: Stop whinging - you love it.

What's the most quirky fact about you? 
Marc: I like to inspire children to live amazing lives, while I try to do the same. I've been a zookeeper, won a rugby medal at Twickenham, built my own house three times, spoken to over a million children and visited over 60 countries, but ultimately that doesn't matter – people just know me as 'Kevin's friend.'
Kevin: He is my friend!

What's your message? 
Marc: My dad once said to me: "People can never get enough encouragement." I love that. I like bringing 'aspiration' and 'affirmation', and as the ex-Archbishop of Canterbury once advised me: "Children need one more 'A' - they need 'adventure'!" Affirmation, aspiration and adventure.
Kevin: Yeah, whoever you are reading this - you're AMAZING.
What's been your highlight so far? 

Marc: Many, but one highlight was performing on Britain's Got Talent.
Kevin: He didn't win because he didn't use me... 

What challenges do you face?  
Marc: Being on the road all the time, while trying not to eat chocolate eclairs.
Kevin: Having holes in the back of all my clothes.

What’s next for you? 
Marc: To give the best show I can for my audience today.
Kevin: Inspiring the universe.

What’s your key ambition? 
Marc: I'd like to have my own TV show. I have some great ideas and want to find the backing to help me influence a generation of children across the world.
Kevin: I want my own theme park. No, that's too small - I want two theme parks.

Who inspires you? 
Marc: Everyone. Everyone has an amazing story if you take the time to listen.
Kevin: Me, because I'm amazing.

What would you love to see the Church do or be in our culture? 
Marc: To be less judgemental and more influential.
Kevin: To help me get the chewing gum off my shoe.

What do you love the most about your job?
Marc: Even on a tough day I get to influence 500 children.
Kevin: What job? We're living our dream!

How does your faith influence you?
Marc: Our God is the God of the second chance. We all fall down. It's not about falling, it's about getting up again. Get up again. Reset your GPS. Fix your eyes on him and take another step. Yes you can. He's a God of grace. He's a God of love. He encourages me and I want to encourage others. He's my biggest fan and my best friend.
Kevin: Traitor.