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29 September 2014

Tabitha Webb, theatre production director

Tabitha Webb, theatre production director

Tabitha is a classical singer and musical theatre star, with numerous radio and TV performances under her belt. She has captivated audiences with roles in Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables (she was also in the 2012 movie with Hugh Jackman) and Chess. She is currently co-writing and directing Love Beyond, a show at Wembley Arena 1 & 2 October 2014.

Have you always loved singing?
Oh, yes! I studied opera and that was where I was going to stay. Musical theatre was always where my heart was but I presumed, because I hadn't had dance lessons from an early age, that I wouldn't be considered. Thankfully people took a gamble and brought it out of me, so that I could be touched by acting through singing too. As a little girl you couldn't stop me. I feel every ounce of music coursing through my body and I can't help but express it.
Had any wow moments recently?
Wow moments happen daily for me right now. The intensity of a scene can take my breath away or the truth of how God loves me might hit me in the pit of my stomach and I can't help but cry. There are moments when the Love Beyond cast just put themselves out there in a way that makes me so proud and impressed by with them and what they're doing. Realising that this epic story is taking place is one big wow moment.
How does your faith and work mix?
There actually couldn't be any more of my faith in my work than right now, but even before Love Beyond I was in Les Misérables, and that is such a story of God's redemption and forgiveness. In Phantom of the Opera too, Christine has to forgive Phantom and he then needs to draw on that love and find compassion;he can only do that through forgiveness. We really find the patterns of God and love through musical theatre.
What do you spend your days doing?
Before Love Beyond I was arranging vocal lines and looking after my son;trying to find as much love for him as I possibly could, while not sleeping because I'm working late nights as soon as he goes to sleep, as is my poor husband. So I've forgotten what normal life looks like a bit. I love to knit but I haven't been able to because I've been too busy.
When are you most happy?
At the beginning of a rehearsal day I'm walking in with both intrepredation and anticipation of what's going to get done and how much I can pull out of these amazing performers. But by the end of the day I feel huge fulfilment because they take everything I ask of them and do even more.
What challenges do you face?
I like to please everybody, but that's tough. It's difficult to balance this amazing job and be a mum. I have to be absolutely organised, in every way, to keep on top of 40 people at all times with cast, crew, stage management etc. However, it's wonderful when everyone does their job so brilliantly that I can just see the jigsaw puzzle coming together in a beautiful way.
Why did you go to Asia?
As an advocate for Interserve (an interdenominational mission agency that works in Asia, the Arab world and Europe),

What is the best thing about Love Beyond?
The unity we have created within the company - on and off the stage. We are telling an amazing story of love. For those who aren't Christians, that can be a really new thing, but God is like an unseen member of the Love Beyond family, holding us together. Whether the audience is religious or not, the story is of hope and forgiveness. Even if you take the spiritual elements out, it's still an uplifting story. But of course, as a Christian, I hope that many become aware of the spiritual aspect of this love.