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01 July 2009

Different Eyes

Different Eyes

Is there any more vexed and difficult subject than Christian ethics? Perhaps not. So it is something of a minor miracle that Steve Chalke has taken what can be an indigestible meal and made it a model of tasty wholesome simplicity.

Different Eyes is a book a book about Christian ethics but not one that you'll leave to gather dust on a bookshelf. It is a conversation, laced with wisdom and relevant cultural references on the question of how we live day-to-day with others. Chalke spices up the text with popular references - West Wing and Blackadder get a mention. There are thought-provoking questions, accessible Bible study and above all a keen sense that we can't construct Christian ethics by simply cutting out the odd phrase from the Bible to make our point. Chalke insists, the Bible is a story and we need to see the struggles of our own lives and the ethical issues we face within that narrative.

For those who have done some reading on the subject the ideas here won't be particularly new, but Chalke has a way of breathing life into the subject. Christian ethics can lead to a beautiful life. What a relief!

4 stars out of 5

Review by Steve Morris

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