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01 July 2010

The World Jesus Knew

The World Jesus Knew

by Anne Punton

This quirky little book is a winner. It isn't written with an ounce of razzmatazz or even a noticeable style. It hasn't got flashy graphics or funky headings and the photos look like my 10-year-old daughter took them, but it is a winner none-the-less.

The World Jesus Knew is simply packed with fascinating details of the world in which Jesus lived. If you want to know about the clothes Jesus wore, or the prayers he prayed you'll find it here. Want to know about the food he ate or the education he received, look no further. Itching to find out the home he lived in, the construction of its roof, the building materials the walls were made of, o look no further. It is all here, and much much more.

I simply opened it at 9 in the morning and read the thing through cover-to-cover. This is a must for preachers, for the curious, for those who love finding out fascinating details and for those who would otherwise be messing about on Facebook.

This book is a treasure-trove and at a mere £8.99 is surely a bargain. My advice? Buy three copies and give two to friends.

Reviewed by Steve Morris

5 stars

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