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24 February 2010

Press release

Synod expresses its confidence in the Bible

Synod expresses its confidence in the Bible

At the General Synod two weeks ago, a motion was agreed that means that the Church of England will join Christians across the country in celebrating and promoting the Bible as part of the 400thanniversary in 2011 of the Authorised Version.

They voted unanimously to approve a motion which expresses a confidence in the Bible and calls on churches, deaneries and dioceses to use 2011 to teach, preach and share the Bible afresh with our nation.

The Revd John Dunnett, General Director of CPAS and General Synod member proposed the motion on behalf of the Diocese of Chelmsford. He said: "I am delighted that the General Synod gave such an unambiguous call for churches to teach, share and educate people about the Bible in 2011.

"It was Abraham Lincoln who referred to it as 'the best gift' of God and I hope that this clarion call of Synod will enthuse us all to offer it afresh to men, women and children throughout the UK"

Biblefresh, a partnership of over fifty agencies, festivals, colleges and denominations, was formed in response to recent findings about the Bible's place in the Church; for instance, only 1 in 7 churchgoers say they are confident in their knowledge of the Bible, and 76% of church leaders associate Bible poverty with the UK where the Bible is no longer at the centre of public or family life. The movement will encourage churches in practical ways and help them re-engage with the Bible and regain more confidence in God's word.

DrKrish Kandiah, Executive Director of Churches inMissionat the Evangelical Alliance said: "We are absolutely delighted that the Church of England has  made 2011 a year of focus on the Bible and the Biblefresh movement looks forward to working with churches across the country to provide practical and inspirational ways of helping the Bible".

The Bishop of Durham spoke during the Biblefresh tour last month about the power of the Word of God to change people and situations: "The Bible is there to enable us to be the people of God for the world, the people through whom God's story becomes the world's story. Bible readers, Bible prayers and Bible understanders are world transformers."

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