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22 June 2012

Christian charity features on Secret Millionaire

Christian charity features on Secret Millionaire

Bradford-based Christian charity The Joshua Project will feature as part of an episode of The Secret Millionaire this weekend.

The charity works with children and young people in Great Horton and will feature on the Channel 4 programme on Sunday at 9pm.

Andrew Feldman (pictured), the 24-year-old secret millionaire and world famous poker player, visited the project in April with a production company.

They managed to keep his identity secret by explaining that they were filming a documentary about volunteering opportunities for young people.

Rich Jones, chief executive of The Joshua Project, said: "We were delighted to be part of a documentary that we thought would positively highlight the opportunities that we are presenting for folk who wish to do something positive with their time. We were also excited at the opportunity to inspire a young person that we believed was between jobs."

After spending a week filming with the project Andrew revealed his identity in an emotional final few scenes. Rich said of the moment he received gifts from Andrew: "I love this community and am daily inspired by the children, young people and the families that we work alongside. I was truly moved to see someone like Andrew similarly inspired. It is a privilege to do the work that we do, but the 24/7 nature of it does at times take its toll on the rest of life - Andrew had also recognised this and was obviously impacted by it. Tears were shed and, believe me, they were all genuine and heartfelt."

joshua projectThe Joshua Project's vision is to see communities transformed through the rising generation. It invests in the lives of children and young people from a variety of young backgrounds, especially the hardest to reach children who are affected by crime, drug and alcohol abuse and dysfunctional families.

The gift that Andrew has given to the project is being used to create a cinema space within its Impact Centre base in Great Horton.

Rich told the Alliance: "Because of the innovative nature of our work at the project, we operate in a somewhat hand to mouth way. We believe that we are pioneering long-lasting solutions to the issues that children and young people face but this often comes at a cost. God always provides.

"Not only that, but more often than not His provision comes from sources beyond our understanding. The Secret Millionaire's arrival provided the affirmation that those involved in the project needed at what had been quite a difficult time. This person of peace recognised the value of our kingdom work and wanted to make an investment into it.

"How wonderful that the impact of the gospel on the lives of children and young people in Bradford could also filter into the world of a professional poker. With this investment and the continued generosity of folk like Andrew we will continue to work to see His Kingdom come and His will done on earth as it is in heaven. And we'll continue to be amazed, amused and privileged as He draws the most unlikely characters alongside us to, with God, achieve this in our area."