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12 August 2013

Exploring the God Question

The Evangelical Alliance is backing a new, innovative series which brings together scientists from both sides of the debate about the existence of God.

In The God Question, world renowned experts unpack the key issues that bring alive for the viewer the cosmos, the natural world and the hidden depths of mind and consciousness.

Unlike the majority of books and programmes that deal with this controversial topic, the series' uniqueness lies in the fact that it does not just give one point of view.

Contributors include Richard Dawkins and the late journalist Christopher Hitchens, a key spokesperson for the new atheism movement, as well as Michael Ruse, professor of philosophy of science at Florida State University, who claims: "I'm a sceptic, I don't have an answer."

The series also features prominent Christians, including the late Chuck Colson, Rev Dr John Polkinghorne, and Professor William Lane Craig.

The Alliance is supporting Exploring the God Question: Science, God and the Search for Truth – an event taking place in Sevenoaks next month – to take a closer look at the issues in the series.

Professor John Lennox will be the key speaker at the event, which takes place at 8pm on 2 September at St Nicholas Church, Sevenoaks.

In addition to the Sevenoaks launch, there will be further events across the country to support The God Question. North of the border, there's a presentation at Highland Theological College, Dingwall at 12 noon on Thursday 19 September, followed by an event that evening, 7.30pm at Inshes Church, Inverness.

Further dates will be scheduled in London, Cambridge, Glasgow, Edinburgh and more.

For more information visit, www.thegodquestion.tv/explore