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23 December 2014

Prayer for Glasgow tragedy

Prayer for Glasgow tragedy

An investigation is underway to determine why a dustbin lorry crashed into pedestrians in Glasgow yesterday, killing six people and injuring at least eight.

The busy shopping area, George Square, was sent into chaos in the afternoon by an accident that caused the deaths of five women and one man.

Fred Drummond, the director of Evangelical Alliance Scotland, said: "In the midst of this sadness we can be sure of three things.

"Firstly, that the people of the city will face this tragedy as they did the last – with compassion, fortitude and sense of community. Shoulder to shoulder, facing adversity together.

"Secondly, we know that the emergency services and all those involved in offering support - from workplace chaplains to communities of faith around the city and beyond - will all be working with professionalism and care.

"Thirdly, as we come to Christmas we look to a God who has not remained distant or sanitised from suffering. Rather we trust in God, who in Jesus Christ drew near to pain and sorrow and was acquainted with grief. The one who wept over Jerusalem is now weeping with the people of Glasgow and reminds us that in despair, hope and light can penetrate the deepest darkness."

Local churches are open today for those looking for a space to reflect and pray.

Fred Drummond has written this prayer for the tragedy:

God of compassion, we pray for all those touched by the tragedy in Glasgow.
We ask for comfort for the bereaved, strength for the weak and peace for those in turmoil.
Lord, in this time of sadness we ask for your presence to come to all in need, bringing comfort and love.
May your light touch the darkest places and bring hope to the hopeless.
Lord have mercy.
In Jesus name.