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14 June 2012

Redefining marriage will have 'far-reaching' consequences

Redefining marriage will have 'far-reaching' consequences

The Alliance, which today publishes its submission to the government's 'gay marriage' consultation, maintains that the government is misleading the public in order to push through deeply divisive marriage legislation.

"Everyone has an equal right to marry – as long as it is to someone of the opposite sex. Talking about same-sex 'marriage' is a bit like referring to a two-storey bungalow," said Dr Dave Landrum, director of advocacy. "Same-sex legal relationships, or civil partnerships, already provide all the equivalent rights enjoyed by married couples.

"The word 'marriage' is founded in nature, accepted in culture and consistent in history – to ignore all that marriage is and force its redefinition stands to define this government's term in office."

The Alliance asserts that the government's insistence that marriage is an unequal institution is pure propaganda that manipulates the electorate and will change how this country celebrates the union of one man and one woman forever.

The Alliance's submission also calls into question the consultation process, which has been consistently opaque and not taken the public's opinion seriously.

"Profound doubts exist about the integrity of the consultation," adds Dr Landrum. "At the very least it should only be open to UK citizens but it seems the consultation may have been compromised in this respect. However, to also ignore one of the biggest petitions in UK history is astonishing."

Read the Alliance's submission to the government in full.