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14 May 2015

New survey explores British values as government promises to tackle extremism

New survey explores British values as government promises to tackle extremism

The new government is promising to promote British values, with David Cameron set to introduce a bill to give authorities stronger powers to tackle extremism.

The first Queen's Speech since the Conservatives won the general election will outline new laws to clamp down on radical groups and individuals.

Home Secretary Theresa May has spoken in favour of a programme to promote British values, ensuring that society views shared values with positivity.

Ms May said: "What we're talking about is the key values that underline our society and are being undermined by the extremists.

"Things like democracy, a belief in democracy, a belief in the rule of law, a belief in tolerance for other people, equality, an acceptance of other people's faiths and religions."

The Prime Minister David Cameron has said that for too long society have "stood neutral between different values", which he believes has fostered a narrative of extremism and grievance.

But the government have been criticised for failing to define exactly what will count as extremism under these new laws, and what the term "British values" really means.

The Evangelical Alliance has launched a new survey today to explore the importance of British values to evangelicals.

What are the biggest virtues and vices in British society today? Do you agree with the government that British values should be taught in schools?

Please add your response to the 800 panel members who have already taken part, by following the link here.

The survey remains open until Tuesday, 2 June.