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On 23 June the UK voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. This vote doesn't have immediate affect but will require a further set of negotiations and parliamentary approval for the outcome to take effect. This is likely to take at least two years. 

In the light of the result we believe this is a crucial time for reconciliation and for the Church to take an active role in responding practically. We've reissued a booklet originally written following the independence referendum to help Christians reflect on reconciliation

The Alliance took no position on whether the UK should leave or remain. Our position was that Christians should engage fully in the debate and vote in the referendum - because the voice of evangelicals matters. In the light of the result we believe churches should be places where disagreement does not lead to division.

Before the vote we looked at four themes that we hoped would help Christians think about some of the underlying issues relating to EU membership. We have in depth articles on identity, freedom, democracy and economy, along with other resources and information. While the result has been determined these remain crucial issues for Christians to consider over the next few years.

Our May/June idea magazine focused on Europe and the referendum, and we did a special live chat on facebook talking through the issues and resources.