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09 June 2016

Pray for the EU referendum

Whether we remain in the European Union or leave is the important decision we are being asked to make at this month's referendum. We've produced resources to try and help us all think beyond some of the headlines of the campaigns and see how as Christians we should think about the issues involved. 

But above all we must remember to pray. I hope that this video and prayer points will help you as the vote draws near, we'd love to see churches all across the UK pray ahead of 23 June.

  • Pray for those involved in the Leave and Remain campaigns
  • Pray for wisdom as we consider how to vote - that God's will would be done
  • Pray for our politicians - again for wisdom, for honesty and for grace in the debate
  • Pray for those who will be on the winning side and those who won't 
  • Pray for peace and reconciliation following the vote, whatever the outcome
  • Pray for a constructive way forward for this country, for the EU, and for all of Europe
  • Pray for a Europe where the name of Jesus continues to be known and proclaimed

Take a look at our  May/June special issue of idea focusing on Europe, and more information about the EU referendum can be found here