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22 July 2013

Alliance welcomes government attempts to tackle pornography

Alliance welcomes government attempts to tackle pornography

The Evangelical Alliance today welcomes government attempts to tackle pornography. The proposals aim to tighten the criminal law around child abuse and rape images and also provide for an opt-in system for adult content.

These proposals are particularly welcome at a time when technological advances have allowed pornography to grow epidemically. In this context, people have been turned into products to be consumed vicariously through pornography. Christians have long campaigned against the socially and personally destructive effects of pornography. The Evangelical Alliance hopes that these long overdue moves by the government represent a broader move to protect children and family life.

Evangelical Alliance Public Policy Officer in Northern Ireland, David Smyth said: "The proposals are no silver bullet but they do attempt to communicate important cultural values about relationships and sex. For many years concerned parents and the Church were written off as scaremongering moralists because of their concerns about pornography. Although the issue is politically on-trend today's announcement is encouragement for many who have campaigned for better legislation and a stronger moral stand from the government on this issue."