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10 August 2015

My political hero: Tim Farron

My political hero: Tim Farron

Amy Wearring, a student from Milton Keynes, tells us why Tim Farron is her political hero. Who's yours? Tweet us @EAUKnews with the hashtag #politicalhero.

"I'm a Liberal Democrat so you won't be surprised to hear that I'm very excited that Tim Farron will be leading our party into a new chapter of its history.

The Westmorland and Lonsdale MP came to faith at the age of 18 and is not ashamed to talk about his beliefs. Taking part in regular discussions with him and fellow Lib Dems on Twitter, it is clear to me that Tim is a humble guy who "got into politics to make a difference".

Last month Tim told me via direct message on Twitter that his political awakening came when he watched Cathy Come Home at the age of 14. This prompted him to join Shelter and eventually the Liberal party.

Here are three reasons why I believe Tim is just what the Lib Dems need:

No.1: He's transparent about what he believes and why including his values doesn't side-line his Christian beliefs.

Being a Christian on the front line has led to him coming under particular scrutiny from the media and the public about whether or not his faith is compatible with his political ideology. In a recent Channel 4 News interview he responded to this with great tact and diplomacy. He, as well as I, find it bewildering that someone who happens to be a member of a religious group can't, apparently, be a liberal too. Tim stresses that being a Christian does not dictate his political position but it shapes what he is passionate about.

The media has focused on his faith and values more than any other party leader in recent years. What we believe is of course important and we should be scrutinising all politicians whether they profess a faith or not.

No.2: He made his opposition to the government's Welfare Bill very clear. He stuck up for the poorest and most vulnerable in his recent speech in the Commons (Proverbs 19:17). However, Labour were instructed by their leadership to abstain from voting on the bill last month and in doing so relinquishing one of the crucial roles of opposition.

No.3: Tim is compassionate, especially towards the marginalised and misunderstood minorities in society. He seeks to see the best in people and to fulfil our calling to "love thy neighbour". For example, seeing immigration as a blessing not a curse and his determination to protect our human rights.

The road Tim faces as leader of the Lib Dems will certainly not be an easy one. It will, in his words, "take hard work, guts and bloody-mindedness". As fellow Christians we should come together in prayer to support Tim. Whether we agree with his politics or not we are called in Timothy to pray for our leaders. Praying for wisdom and guidance as he stands in a place where faith is deemed as weakness. Tim is a man of conviction and integrity and just who we need in Parliament and leading the Liberal Democrats."

by Amy Wearring