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05 March 2014

5 things you'll only find in church

5 things you'll only find in church

1) Tambourines
How many times have you seen a tambourine played outside your church building? Well, I can safely say I don't think I've ever seen one outside the Lord's House. These biblical instruments are referred to several times in the Psalms and clearly are ways of expressing the joy of the Lord. But let's just not get too overzealous in our tambourine-playing, shall we?

2) Rota -obsession
Worship team rota, kids' team rota, welcome rota, set-up rota, set-down rota, flowers rota, lighting rota, coffee rota, organ rota,offering rota, Alpha supper rota, readings rota, communion rota, preaching rota, car-pooling rota, student lunch rota, new baby/ill person meal-making rota, PA rota, service anchoring rota, new visitor rota, chair curvature rota, prayer rota, counting-the-number-of-people-in-the-service-with-clicky-thing rota, crèche rota, car park rota, washing up rota, babysitting rota, rota-making rota.

3) All ages
Although it might cause a few disagreements over the sound levels of the worship team or choir, the Church is one of the few places where you might be able to spend Sunday mornings and mid-week evenings with people from across the generations. What a heartwarming sight it is to see great grandmothers holding newborn babies and teenagers playing rounders with middle-aged people.

4) Bring and share lunches
Ah, the classic early Church influence of sharing-all-you-have with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Let's all remember though that this is absolutely not a competition over who can cook the best quiche/lasagne/shepherd's pie. This is about reflecting the triune God who symbolises community. Indeed.

5) Notices
One of the highlights of the church service, I'd say. But seriously under-rated. Often to be found in that graveyard slot between sung worship and the sermon. Whether it's a snazzy video projection notice or someone popping their glasses on to read from the printed church notice sheet, The Notices will try their hardest to be heard over the din of people chatting, children escaping to Sunday School and the stewards handing round the collection buckets. Let's show the notices a little love, my brothers and sisters. A round of applause at the end is entirely appropriate.


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