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06 November 2013

An audience of one

An audience of one

Described as "a fresh young talent whose soulful integrity underpins a meaningful and moving performance", Amie Aitken is one to watch. The singer, whose influences include Emeli Sande, is passionate about sharing her faith through her music, which is why she released her first single This I Know – a soulful re-write of old hymn Jesus Loves Me – last year. As someone who was fostered and adopted as a child, Amie is also passionate about the Alliance's Home for Good campaign – with Care for the Family and CCPAS…

idea: How did you get into music?
I've always been involved in musical things in my church, like the children's choir and the worship band but being a recording artist was never part of my career plan. In winter 2011, I got involved in singing and playing piano for a couple of well-known Christian artists who were touring Scotland. After a few months I realised that this was a great way to share my own story, share the good news and have fun at the same time. It is the scariest thing I've ever done but God has opened so many doors and brought me further than I could have imagined in just a year. In June I completed a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds for my new EP which was a huge encouragement. It showed people support what I'm doing and gave me the faith to keep going. Sound Consultancy (the team who look after Philippa Hanna, Daughters of Davis and Jacob Lloyd) are the production team behind the EP. As a professional team, their willingness to invest in me as a new artist has challenged me to set my standards high and be the best that I can be. 

So, you studied theology at university. How was that for you?
I got baptised age 12 and had always been confident in my faith. Four years of pulling apart every aspect of what I believed took me to some difficult places and for a time I really wasn't sure if I'd still be a Christian when I graduated! Thankfully God pulled me out of those dark times and has continued to help me work it out day by day. Studying theology taught me how much I don't know but gave me the tools to keep asking the right questions. It makes me think very carefully about what I say on stage and what goes into my songs too. 

Why are you backing our Home for Good campaign?
At every event I share a little of my testimony, which involves being fostered and adopted. When I imagine how different my life would be if I were still in foster care, I'm so grateful for the opportunities and the life I've been given. There are so many children in the UK who still need a home for good and I believe the Church needs to be part of the solution. When I heard about Home For Good I was so excited to see a campaign who want the same thing that I do – for no child to be left without a permanent home and a stable family. I want to support their goals in any way that I can. Adoption is not just a last resort for childlessness – it's a calling and one that we need to start taking seriously.

How do you balance your faith with the desire to succeed and become well-known?
I'm not really worried about the balance of faith and ambition – my main ambition is to be more faithful. I think for Christian artists the real concern is often the balance between necessary self-promotion and people's perception of our intentions. Even when music is a faith-driven ministry we have to advertise ourselves and constantly promote what we're doing otherwise we won't get anywhere. At times it feels quite contrary to our perceived ideas of humility. However, humility is not thinking less of ourselves or denying our talents, it's thinking of others more and searching for opportunities to serve with the gifts that we have been given. Being well-known is just a way to reach more people and get the message out there. Any desire I have for my music to be 'successful' is simply that it's doing something good, whether that be helping an individual to walk closer with Jesus, bringing someone through church doors for the first time or inspiring a family to open up their home to a child in need. 

Why not invite Amie to perform at your church and share her story of being fostered and adopted?
Amie's new EP, Audience of One, is out now Amie Aitken website

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