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02 October 2013

Don't make history, change future

Don't make history, change future

by Matt Summerfield 

History Maker is one of the most well-known and anthemic songs written by Christian band Delirious?. I've been to plenty of lively youth gigs over the years where I've witnessed hundreds of young people belting out the chorus with all their heart…"I'm gonna be a history maker in this land"

But the truth is, whether they intend to be history makers or not, they all will be. In fact, every single one of us will make history. The big question is what kind of history are we going to make? What kind of future are we going to create? Jesus is in the business of changing the future, one life at a time, and he invites us to join him.

Jesus attracted thousands who flocked to hear Him and be healed by Him every day. Yet He poured His life into just a handful of people – his disciples. Why? Because this would bring the greatest influence and impact, and the results speak for themselves. Jesus invested three years of His life encouraging, training and equipping 12 disciples. Two thousand years later there are over two billion people across the world who claim to be follower's of Jesus. Pretty sizeable legacy, huh? That's changing the future!

Jesus understood that the only thing you can take to Heaven with you is people, so he prioritised his time around this task. Does your diary reflect a similar priority?

Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus gives us our marching orders to go in to all the world and make disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples, and so on. So what might this look like in practice? Perhaps the answer is easy as 1-2-3.

Find one person that you can learn from – spiritual director, mentor, coach – whatever you choose to call them. We are all learners for life and therefore need to be connected to people who are ahead of us in the journey of faith and life. These are people who can impart wisdom, encouragement and guidance.

Find two people who you can do life with. I like to call them 'running mates'. Close friends who will journey alongside you, people who will love and accept you even when they know your secret life. People who cry with you in your pain, celebrate your successes and inspire you to greater things. Modeling mutually accountable, challenging, real relationships.

Find three people that you are willing to lead in to relationship with Jesus. Equipping them to live like Jesus in the world. Inspiring each of them to share their faith with others. Disciples making disciples.

Life Live 1-2-3 is a simple, easy-to-remember, Biblical idea to inspire us all to embrace a life of intentional, baton-carrying, disciple making. Can you imagine what could happen in the next 10 years across the Church if we all embraced this?

Start thinking and praying about these relationships, Be part of a movement of future changers. 


Matt Summerfield is chief executive of Urban Saints


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