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26 June 2015

Following in the footsteps of Clive Calver

Following in the footsteps of Clive Calver

In the coming months you will be seeing the name Gavin Calver regularly in idea, as we've explained in the 60 Seconds interview. As we welcome him to the team, we thought it might be interesting to have a look at the idea article where Gavin received his first mention. 

Behind the scenes: a week in the life of Clive Calver, his dad, appeared in our January/March 1996 edition. In a packed week that included breakfast with MPs in Southampton, debates at Durham and University College London universities, a Radio 4 Today Programme interview, a meeting with the prime minister, a Spring Harvest Planning meeting, breakfast with Ludovic Kennedy and a meeting with church leaders, Clive spent 90 minutes "shouting and singing" his way through a Wimbledon FC match accompanied by his15-year-old son Gavin.

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A week in the life of Clive Calver

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