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Over the past two decades churches have invested an unprecedented amount of resources into youth ministry. However, the Church is still haemorrhaging young people. In fact, the sobering reality is that you had a better chance of survival on the Titanic than a child’s faith has in our churches:

1523 out of 2228 passengers and crew were drowned during the sinking of the Titanic – a loss of 68%. But according to Peter Brierley’s research, of every class of 10 nought to nine-year-olds in Sunday School in 1985, only three were still connected with the church in 2005.

This is a problem and demands our urgent attention. The Alliance recently brought together specialists, church leaders, and directors of organisations from across the evangelical spectrum to consider what can be done. Our hunch is that it takes a whole church to raise a child.

We urge you to watch the videos from this significant gathering and then join the conversation. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this issue! What are your personal experiences? Does this problem resonate with your church or are you bucking the trend?

We also encourage you to read Rob Parsons' book, Getting your kids through church without them hating God, and get involved with the initiative (of the same name) being led by Care for the Family.

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